Satelitte tags recovery mission

With collaborators Drs. Jonathan Fisher (CFER) and Dominique Robert (Université du Québec à Rimouski, we spent two days on the Brothers Legacy with skipper Adam Crocker and his crew in the northeast Gulf, ~30 miles offshore from Trout River. Our mission was to physically recapture satellite tags that were placed a year ago on Atlantic halibut. We were able to recapture 4 of the 6 tags that popped off. The other two stopped transmitting before we could recover them. These 4 tags will provide 2-min resolution depth and temperature data for an entire year. These tags add up to our ever growing database and will provide key information on the migration patterns, spawning habitat, and stock structure of Atlantic halibut.

The Brothers Legacy.

The team.

The tracking equipment.

The goniometers.